[Asterisk-biz] Max number of Digium FXS analog telephone lines inone server

Cory Andrews cory.andrews at b2llc.com
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Terry - In theory, you could use a passive backplane / single board computer
architecture and cram a bunch of PIC boards in an industrial chassis.  Here
is a link to a passive backplane with 16 PCI slots




I think at some point there would be a limit to how many boards you could
support before you would need to add

Additional processors and RAM, you would need to do some benchmarking to see
what the envelope is.  I'm sure there is already some data regarding this to
be found on the Asterisk WIKI or within the community.


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Can anyone tell me where I can find out information on the limits of Digium
hardware?   What is the maximum number of Digium FXS analog telephone lines
that can be configured in one server?   The Wildcard TDM400P takes up one
PCI slot and has 4 lines.  So I assume that the limit is the number of
available POCI slots times 4 (lines).  Is this correct?  



Mr. Terry Pickl

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