[Asterisk-biz] Interest for Hotsip server & pc client in connection with Asterisk ?

Terje Myhre tem at telecoms-resources.no
Thu Nov 18 04:32:58 MST 2004


We're a system integrator in Sweden & Norway which runs & sell Hotsip's
(www.hotsip.com) platform (server & PC client sw - about same functionality
as MS Messenger & eyebeam) - this is the same platform which Telia Sonera
(ex-PTT Finland and Sweden) and Telenor (ex-PTT Norway) are using for their
public IP-telephony services.  

We're working with Hotsip to bring their platform to smaller (non ex-PTT)
operators. The platform can scale to hundreds of thousands of users - due to
requirements from the ex-PTTs. 

We are using the Hotsip platform only for the consumer segment and for the
business segment we combine the Hotsip platform centrally with
asterisk-installations locally - to achieve PBX-like functionality for the
users of the business customer.  

If Your company are interested in a platform like Hotsip, we can propose,
sell, and realize such a platform for You : for initial costs which are more
suitable for small & medium-sized providers. 

Looking forward to any feedback. 


Terje Myhre
Sip: tem at wx3.se , +46 8 5250 7972
Mob: +47 9260 4900 

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