[Asterisk-biz] VoipJet's Terms of Service

Paul Rodan asterisk at glitch.cc
Tue Nov 16 12:16:35 MST 2004

Wow. Thanks for the info. That's Canada for you :-)


So the real concern is not about calls from the U.S to Canada, or too much
about from Canada to the U.S, but specifically from Canada to Canada?

Wondering if I should restrict our users from calling Canada, or maybe
instead of unlimited, maybe I should set it at $0.005 a minute or something
to help compensate.

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Paul Rodan wrote:

>I'm curious, what is Canada's stance with VOIP? Do they strictly forbid it?
>Why are we not allowed to call people in Canada or receive calls from
>in Canada via VoipJet's system?
I've had a brief  conversation with John at VoipJet and it seems the 
issue is the standard federal tax that is applied to all services in Canada.

Any taxable product/service (ie. long distance) is subject to 7% GST.  
This only applies if the call stays in Canada.  If it terminates 
elsewhere, it's not subject to this sales tax.

As a Canadian business owner, I get the GST refunded on any service or 
product my business purchases... with the understanding that I will 
collect tax from my customers.  From my understanding, VoipJet doesn't 
want to get involved in trying to collect GST on only CDN-CDN calls 
because it's simply impossible.  Hence it's easier to just say no.

Though to clear up what others are thinking, there are no specific VoIP 
taxes that come in to play. It's just the regular sales tax us Canadians 
pay on everything else.

Trevor Peirce

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