[Asterisk-biz] Need low-cost flat-rate incoming DID's throughout the U.S - Anybody competing against VoicePulse?

Paul Rodan asterisk at glitch.cc
Fri Nov 12 16:03:43 MST 2004

(Sorry about sending this previously to asterisk-users, my stupid email
program selected the wrong address book entry)


Is there a company out there that can offer flat rate DID's in 75% or more
of the U.S? Or at least in every major populated area? Right now we use
VoicePulse but they're way overpriced per DID and we've had quality issues.
Not only that, they can't port. We need somebody that can port numbers over
as well. Too many times we've had a sale in another city and we've lost it
because we couldn't port their existing numbers or we charged too much for
each DID (thanks to VoicePulse).

There has to be a company out there that can do something very similar but
at least at half the cost. 

For National calling we're aware of:
LookieLoo = $0.0065 a minute on-network and $0.01 off-network
VoiceJet = $0.013 a minute
NuFone = $0.02 a minute
VoicePulse = $0.0295 a minute

However the only one that can get us unlimited National did's are
voicepulse. LookieLoo can get us National DID's but at a per minute incoming
rate. NuFone can only do Michigan and I don't know about VoiceJet.

Please reply to me off list as this forum is just way too active for me for
me to read everything.

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