[Asterisk-biz] Any suggestion for a good ADSL Router that garantees me voIP prioritization and QoS ?

Muiz Motani muiz at i-dist.com
Thu Nov 11 19:09:23 MST 2004

You might want to look at a Linux firewall using the shorewall netfilter tool 
and kernel traffic shaping/fair queuing. It offers this kind of bandwidth 
reservation management for QoS as well as much more complicated traffic 
shaping policies. Talk to me offline and we can work out a deal to build you 
one of these routers.

On 5 Oct 2004 at 19:45, you wrote:

> Thks to everyone for the suggestions and replys...
> So far, it seems that I can use either the US robotics or LinkSys, but I should upgrade the 
> firmware to obtain QoS. 
> However, nobody mentionated SIP capabilities on the router (Iheard some modern routers can 
> modify the SIP headers automatically so there is no problems with SIP Transversals). Any hint 
> on this subject ? 
> Also, would like to known how those routers deals with QoS. Do you need to setup a percentaje 
> of your bandwith reserverd always for voIP ? I heard that there is routers that can do 
> "priorization", so you do not need to reserve bandwith. The router is smart enough to check if the 
> package needs more priority that the rest of packages, and if so, server that one first (but you do 
> not need to reserver bandwith in advance for those packages).
> Any clarification on this (SIP and priorization/QoS) will be welcome.
> Thks,
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> Monday, October 4, 2004, 11:53:04 PM, you wrote:
> > Please, note that my router connectsdirectly to my DSL connection
> > (the router already act as a DSL modem).I am aware that in some
> > countries, this is not so normal (I think thaton USA you need both
> > the router and modem). If the router you suggest mealso requires a
> > modem to interface with the DSL, please, let me known too.
> You could try USR 9105 device from U.S. Robotics. It's a great Linux based device with 4-
> port ethernet switch, ADSL modem and Linux routing engine built-in (with iptables based 
> firewall). Last firmware versions seem to support the QoS.
> -- 
> Pozdrawiam,
> Zbyszek Sobiecki
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