[Asterisk-biz] Need to hire someone to start doing developing on Asterisk

Andres at itranser.com Andres at itranser.com
Thu Nov 11 15:40:06 MST 2004


I want to hire one person that can be added to our team and can help us 
with custom development on Asterisk.  I would form him, and I hope to have 
someone with some basics on programind and communications and that person 
starting to improve his skills with us.....

Problem is that I do not even what skills to ask for custom development on 
Asterisk.  I assume that C and perl programing will be valuable, but.... 
Any special suggestion for the skill I have to look for ?
Also.... I can afford (and I will) to have a period of training for that 
person.... Problem is that I was unable to locate any documentation on 
APIs on Asterisk, neither samples, or exercises, that I can use to start 
learning ............ Could any one give me any suggestion about what to 
learn / read / test in order to do custom development in Asterisk ? Is 
there any exercises that I can start with ?

I feel that there is enough information about Asterisk, but think that is 
not so easy to obtain any sample or what you can do with APIs, neither it 
is easy to find examples, refences, either simple things can show you what 
kind or roadmap to follow. I do not even known if API on Asterisk is doing 
some custom C modules or just "capturing" the console using perl and 
sending back Asterisk cmds.

By the way, if you known of someone interested on the position I am 
ofering, please mail  me.   Position is based on Madrid, Spain.

Kind Regards,


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