[Asterisk-biz] US 800 DIDs with simultaneous connections

Brandon Patterson siptech at livevoip.com
Fri Nov 5 16:54:16 MST 2004

Scott is correct in his reply. Its just a resource issue vs ROI. We are
going to offer 800 service in the U.S. for 1.7 cents a minute as of 
Monday. The 800 DID will then cost $1.00 a month. People who do
over $10.00 a month of 800 calls will not be charged the $1.00 fee. This
way we do not just waste 800#'s. If someone wanted 200,000 minutes
of calling a month, we would just provide the resources to meet that need.
High volume use is a great problem to have when your customers are paying
their bills.

LiveVoip LLC

> I doubt that they have a limit; since incoming 800 numbers are strictly 
> pay-per-minute, there's no real reason for them to limit them--it's 
> just cut into their own revenue stream.  Since they're pre-paid, it 
> isn't even a credit issue.  I've had 2 or 3 incoming calls at a time 
> without a problem.

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