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David Aldworth daldworth at teliax.com
Fri Nov 5 11:21:16 MST 2004

Sorry, I guess I thought most people on this list already knew the
difference between the literal interpretation of oversold and the industry
interpretation of "oversold". To spell it out...

We won't purchase circuits from companies whose "oversold" thresholds are
outside of our range. We only take SLA's from third party auditors to
confirm this. Yes, we use SLA's b/c no carrier is to tell you the exact
number of customers they have on a given switch.

Thanks for pointing this out.

> David Aldworth wrote:
>> I'd have to concur with Brandon. We are also very opposed to reselling
>> ip
>> voice connections and potentially oversold trunks. You get what you pay
>> for...
> Really? So I suppose then that you don't buy any trunks from any
> provider anywhere in the world, because every single provider (PSTN,
> ITSP, etc.) sells potentially oversold trunks. There is not a single
> PSTN switch in the US (or anywhere, I'd venture to bet) that would have
> enough capacity for every single one of its subscribers to max out their
> connections simultaneously.
> _All_ access to the PSTN is oversold; the only thing you can do is work
> with providers who manage their capacity in a way that fits your needs.
> The price you pay will be directly dependent on how much the provider is
> willing to oversell their PSTN connections.
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