[Asterisk-biz] DID / Termination for Australia

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at starnetworks.us
Fri Nov 5 11:11:46 MST 2004

David Aldworth wrote:
> I'd have to concur with Brandon. We are also very opposed to reselling ip
> voice connections and potentially oversold trunks. You get what you pay
> for...

Really? So I suppose then that you don't buy any trunks from any 
provider anywhere in the world, because every single provider (PSTN, 
ITSP, etc.) sells potentially oversold trunks. There is not a single 
PSTN switch in the US (or anywhere, I'd venture to bet) that would have 
enough capacity for every single one of its subscribers to max out their 
connections simultaneously.

_All_ access to the PSTN is oversold; the only thing you can do is work 
with providers who manage their capacity in a way that fits your needs. 
The price you pay will be directly dependent on how much the provider is 
willing to oversell their PSTN connections.

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