[Asterisk-biz] US Toll Free Numbers

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Wed Nov 3 16:55:06 MST 2004

Robert Jackson wrote:
> I have had great success using NuFone in the past.  We have a 
> few toll free numbers with them and they perform flawlessly.
> However, I have been trying to request these toll free's from
> them for the last month with no success.  I do not believe that
> this is a reflection on their support or service, but perhaps 
> it is just a possible area of improvement for them.  The delay 
> may not even be NuFone's fault as it is very possible that they
> are waiting on the provisioning from the new 
> number portability folks.
> In summary, I had hoped that they could have filled this 
> request, but after a month without success I cannot wait any 
> longer.

I simply do not understand the problem. All you have to do is login to 
your account and order however many toll-free numbers you need.

Jeremy McNamara

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