[asterisk-app-dev] ARI ApplicationStarted or how to know that WebSocket connection established?

Maxim Litnitskiy litnimaxster at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 20:47:29 CDT 2014

Hi dear developers!
I can see ApplicationReplaced event and it's working:
client.on_event('ApplicationReplaced', application_replaced)
When I run this code  in the 2-nd thread  I get this message.
But what is I need to know when Application is started?
Ordinary situation.
I have a dialer app using 2 threads:
1) DIaler  thread doing originate
2) Stasis thread handlng channel events.
So if I start borth threads simultaneously dialer starts to originate
before Stasis app is connected.
Why not implement ApplicationStarted message similar to ApplicationReplaced?
If ApplicationStarted existed I could use threading.Event() and wait from
dialer thread for event.set() from ApplicationStarted event from stasis
Any suggestions?
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