[asterisk-users] recording not working to NFS

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Just adding my 2c....

I don't think permissions which cause one process to see the mounted file system and another to see the directory underneath.  I think using automount could cause this but there is still some other factor contributing to the problem.

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> I did not explain myself well, for this I apologize.
> The files never appear on the NFS mount, only in the local drive.
> Restarting Asterisk with the mount on does not fix it.
> Asterisk simply ignores the mount and writes to the local drive.
> But the mount is fine, I can create a dir and it appears on the other 
> side, so NFS is fine.
> Any idea?

That's a bit bizarre.  I had first though that this might be a problem if you were to start Asterisk before mounting the share... Asterisk might have opened the message directory when it started, and then doing directory-relative file creation and moves.  But, you say that restarting Asterisk doesn't change the behavior.

On your system, are you using containers, or namespaces, or etc.?  You might be accidentally setting up an environment in which the NFS mount isn't being "seen" by the environment in which Asterisk is running.

It might also be worth checking if you can manually create files in the shared location when running as the same user-ID/group-ID as Asterisk is configured to use.  You might be seeing some sort of odd permissions-based problem.

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