[asterisk-users] recording not working to NFS

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Fri Oct 15 15:28:51 CDT 2021

If Asterisk is writing files into the local directory that is the mount
point for a remote NFS connection, then this is not an asterisk problem.
It's a local config/network issue.

No application should be able to write to the local disk dir used as a mount
point .  So if that is what's happening, your NFS mount is not active.  Are
you using automount?

You need to dig deeper into NFS mount...it's not working the way you think
it is.

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I did not explain myself well, for this I apologize.
The files never appear on the NFS mount, only in the local drive.
Restarting Asterisk with the mount on does not fix it.
Asterisk simply ignores the mount and writes to the local drive.
But the mount is fine, I can create a dir and it appears on the other side,
so NFS is fine.
Any idea?

On 2021-10-13 12:04, Telium Technical Support wrote:

> If unmounting makes your files appear on the NFS mount, then there may
> be some caching going on, or files not being closed (by Asterisk).
> Unmounting will force files to close and could make them appear.
> Try restarting Asterisk (with NFS still mounted).  Do the files then 
> appear?
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> Subject: [asterisk-users] recording not working to NFS
> I have an NFS mount and I am trying to record to it. The mount works
> fine, I create a directory and it shows on the server, I delete it and
> it gets deleted at the server, but Asterisk 16-latest is always
> recording to the local drive, it ignores the NFS mount.
> Once I unmount the directory, the recordings show up in the drive.
> Is this by design?
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