[asterisk-users] Asterisk bring in RTP audio

Jean Aunis jean.aunis at prescom.fr
Mon Nov 8 11:17:04 CST 2021

Le 08/11/2021 à 18:10, Jerry Geis a écrit :
> [...]
> Hi Jean
> interesting - was not aware of the unicastrtp channel - been looking for more information on it - not finding much.
> Is there anyway to bring "in" audio with unicastrtp.  I can perhaps see 'sending" audio out - but I'm looking for both directions.
> Would this be the syntax ?
> Channel: UnicastRTP/basic/IP:port
> Thanks
> Jerry
If I remember well the syntax is "UnicastRTP/IP:port"

The local RTP port is randomly allocated but you can retrieve it in a 
channel variable. I guess you will have to transmit it to the other 
side, unless the other side has a kind of "symmetric RTP" machanism.

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