[asterisk-users] 18.7.1 - can't load res_fax, can't stop app_fax

Kingsley Tart kingsley at dns99.co.uk
Wed Nov 3 07:09:31 CDT 2021


I'm using Asterisk 18.7.1.

I can't get res_fax to load. I built it accidentally with app_fax
enabled, and was getting this in the log on startup:

[Nov  3 11:52:31] ERROR[10886] loader.c: Error loading module 'res_fax_spandsp.so', missing dependency: res_fax

Discovering that app_fax and res_fax conflict, I went back in to make
menuselect and unselected app_fax, so now it says this:

                    ( ) app_fax

and in the resource modules I have this:

                    [*] res_fax

so I re-did make and make install and then a full asterisk restart, but
I still got the same "missing dependency: res_fax" error in the log.

I noticed that "noload => res_fax.so" was in modules.conf so I removed
that line and restarted Asterisk again, but it then declined to load,
ending with this error:

[Nov  3 11:54:45] ERROR[11381] loader.c: *** Failed to load module app_fax.so
[Nov  3 11:54:45] ERROR[11381] asterisk.c: Module initialization failed.  ASTERISK EXITING!

and sure enough if I put that line back in to modules.conf, Asterisk
start and I notice that it's been saying this:

[Nov  3 11:54:59] WARNING[11510] loader.c: Module 'app_fax' has been
loaded but was deprecated in Asterisk version 16 and will be removed in
Asterisk version 19. Its replacement is 'res_fax'.

I can't figure out why it's still loading app_fax. Any ideas?


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