[asterisk-users] ADSI - Unable to send CAS...

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Thu Mar 18 12:07:54 CDT 2021


I'm running Asterisk 13 and Asterisk 16 using SIP trunks only (to a commercial 
trunking provider).  I have no analogue interfaces.

A user reported dialling in to voicemail (the standard Asterisk Comedian Mail 
service) from a mobile phone and being unable to select the menu options.

The call path in that case would be:

Mobile phone -> mobile network provider -> SIP trunking provider -> Asterisk

She dialled in three times within a 10 minute period.  On the first two 
occasions she was unable to select any menu options - she was pressing the 
buttons on the mobile dialpad and getting the confirmation "beep" from the 
phone, but Asterisk did not register any DTMF coming through and therefore did 
not navigate the menu system.

On the third attempt to dial in, the call and the menus worked as expected.

When I reviewd the Asterisk logs for these calls afterwards, I saw on both the 
first two calls, immediately after the dial plan went to VoiceMailMain(), the 

WARNING[19645][C-00000278]: res_adsi.c:250 in __adsi_transmit_messages: Unable 
to send CAS

So, I have two questions:

1. Why is Asterisk even attempting to do ADSI on a SIP trunk (my understanding 
of ADSI is that the A stands for Analogue, so it should not even apply to a 
SIP call)?

2. What do I need to do to either disable ADSI, or avoid the above error 



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