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Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at stratustalk.com
Thu Mar 11 20:48:44 CST 2021

The "inbound piece" is "what do I do with the tag information"?

Should I find a way to present the fact that a call has an A rating?

Should I offer to block calls with a C rating?

It would be great to see asterisk be able to unpack this stuff and have 
it available as a dialplan variable and in the CDRs.

Jeff LaCoursiere
StratusTalk, Inc.

On 3/11/21 6:21 PM, Alexander Perkins wrote:
> Hi Jeff.  What exactly do you mean by the 'inbound piece'?  I've spent 
> quite a lot of time with the folks at TILTX understanding the 
> framework; but I am not exactly sure what you mean by the 'inbound piece.
> Greg/Doug, like many folks here, we use LCR.  So, the terminating 
> carrier is not necessarily the one that issued us the telephone 
> numbers.  So, they will not sign it or simply cannot sign it.  
> Remember that a very limited number of companies can actually sign the 
> calls; the rest have to buy it from these 'Service Providers'.
> And there is another situation - the company you purchase your numbers 
> from and the company you place your calls through may be different and 
> both may not be able to sign your calls. Again, a very limited number 
> of service providers that can actually sign your calls.  So what do 
> you do in that scenario?  You have to find a Service Provider that can:
> 1.  Verify you own that telephone number(s).
> 2.  Sign your calls.
> 3.  Provide you with the technical means to do so.
> So, that's that...  I hope this makes sense.
> Alex

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