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To be honest, that is the logic we ended up with, and are dumping our 
LCR.  The savings aren't worth the headache.  We don't have 1M numbers, 
but we have a significant number.  We can't quite get down to one 
carrier (and don't really want to), but we can keep outbound calls on 
the carrier that "owns" them, and not worry about this.

Jeff LaCoursiere
StratusTalk, Inc.

On 3/11/21 8:12 PM, dk at donkelly.biz wrote:
> You said it in your first post when you said “I reallt don’t 
> understand.” You don’t understand the business that these people are 
> in. A few people showed you a few examples of why it’s important to 
> use more than one carrier--and there are other reasons that 
> stir/shaken is a big deal for some of us.
> It clearly isn’t a big deal for you, so you probably don’t have much 
> to add to the discussion.
> --Don
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> 1:  1M DID’s? Then I would go straight out and say you are a phone 
> operator, and then getting your own STIR/SHAKEN certificate shouldn’t 
> be a problem at all. Thats a massive amount of numbers, 
> unrealistically many numbers for any company ever except for those 
> that are a phone operator.
> 2: For me, its seems like hunting for nano-cents. I checked around 
> when I got my DID and call account for my own personal use, and the 
> prices aren’t that different. Its really not worth the effort for what 
> you save. Checked with several operators and the prices are almost the 
> same per minute, its like one operator has like 0.016 per minute and 
> another has 0.014 … not gonna save much on that. Might save like 1$-2$ 
> per month on choosing the latter operator.
> 3: Why? Consolidiate all your agreements to 1 single operator that 
> handles everything, and everything will be so much simpler. Then you 
> are simply a trunk ccustomer to that particular operator, no need to 
> handle all this with signing and certificates and everything..
> To save a little tiny nano-cent from each minute of call..
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> Hi,
> I wanted to add some comments to Sebastian's response:
> 1- When you have a lot of DIDs, you can't just "port" them over from 
> company1 to company2. Try to have 1M or so DIDs and ask if you can 
> just port them. No no, not that simple. There is a process that a lot 
> of times is not worth the cost/risk/etc.
> 2- What happens if company1 has very good pricing for DIDs, but 
> extremely high rates for placing outbound calls, and company2 has 
> super aggressive pricing for the destinations you use most, but sells 
> DIDs very expensive? Mix and match? :)
> 3- What do you do, when instead of having 1 outbound carrier, you have 
> several 50?
> At the end I think you are mistakenly comparing apples to oranges, 
> your DID provider has nothing to do with your outbound carrier, can 
> the DID provider also give you outbound calling? Most likely, but that 
> doesn't mean that the best way to go is to route outbound calls via 
> the carrier that is providing you DIDs.
> On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 4:34 PM Sebastian Nielsen <sebastian at sebbe.eu 
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>     I reallt don’t understand why people simply use the same operator
>     to terminate your calls, which also provide DIDs for you.
>     Then you don’t need to touch this at all, your carrier will do all
>     the STIR/SHAKEN handling for you, you are just a PBX customer.
>     And then the operator then simply limits your account to only
>     present your DID as outgoing number.
>     Seems to be a unneccesary complicated solution just to have your
>     numbers at company 1 and have your call termination at company 2.
>     So fricking unneccessary.
>     What I know there is requirements of number portability, so as
>     long as company 2 can handle DIDs (ergo ”own” DIDs) you should be
>     able to move your DIDs from company 1 to company 2 – then company
>     2 owns your DIDs.
>     Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen
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>     Hi Jeff.  What exactly do you mean by the 'inbound piece'?  I've
>     spent quite a lot of time with the folks at TILTX understanding
>     the framework; but I am not exactly sure what you mean by the
>     'inbound piece.
>     Greg/Doug, like many folks here, we use LCR.  So, the terminating
>     carrier is not necessarily the one that issued us the telephone
>     numbers.  So, they will not sign it or simply cannot sign it. 
>     Remember that a very limited number of companies can actually sign
>     the calls; the rest have to buy it from these 'Service Providers'.
>     And there is another situation - the company you purchase your
>     numbers from and the company you place your calls through may be
>     different and both may not be able to sign your calls.  Again, a
>     very limited number of service providers that can actually sign
>     your calls.  So what do you do in that scenario?  You have to find
>     a Service Provider that can:
>     1.  Verify you own that telephone number(s).
>     2.  Sign your calls.
>     3.  Provide you with the technical means to do so.
>     So, that's that...  I hope this makes sense.
>     Alex
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