[asterisk-users] CallerID presentation - presentation prohibited but still passing number

Mike michael at virtutel.ca
Thu Mar 11 14:22:41 CST 2021



Using Asterisk 13.36.0


I have a bit of a technical issue with hidden caller IDs.  My setup, at
the moment, is composed of two Asterisk boxes. In some instance, calls
arrive on Asterisk A, and are then sent to Asterisk B for further
processing. The link between them is SIP (both on the same switch/LAN).
Asterisk A has a Digium PRI card (recent one) and a PRI link.


When I receive a hidden number (i.e. "presentation prohibited") call on
Asterisk A through PRI, I get the following Caller ID information (using
444-555-6666 as example):

" <4445556666>" 


CallerID presence is received as "prohibited_not_screened".


Which is fine - I know the incoming number BUT I am told not to show it to
the end user. All good.


The problem is when calls are not processed on Asterisk A, but sent to
Asterisk B for further processing.  The dial command I used on Asterisk A
to send calls to AsterisB is the following:

exten => s,n,Dial(SIP/AsteriskB/123,,f(""


Again, so far so good. But, on Asterisk B in the appropriate context, on
extension 123, my first command is a Verbose to show Callerid(all) and the
received called id is shown as "Anonymous <anonymous>" with CALLERID
presence still "prohib_not_screened". I would like Asterisk B to receive
the actual callerid (" <4445556666>") along with the appropriate CallerID
presence value (which is correct already). 


Basically I want to "pass forward" both CALLERID and CALLERIDPRES exactly
as received on AteriskA to AsteriskB so that AsteriskB gets the exact same
info AsteriskA had in the first place.


How do I accomplish this?













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