[asterisk-users] SIP Realtime peers

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Thu Mar 11 07:03:23 CST 2021


I'm using MariaDB (via ODBC) to store realtime SIP peers with Asterisk 13 and 

In general it's all working fine, however there's something that puzzles me:

If I connect to the Asterisk console and use the command "sip show peers" I 
get a list of the peers including the last qualify time in the "Status" 
column.  The "Realtime" column tells me "Cached RT".

Some of my peers are in the same data centre as the server I'm querying, and 
generally show a qualify time of 1ms; some are in another data centre and have 
qualify times around 15ms.

However, if I go to my database server and ask "select * from sippeers" I get 
the same list of peers but the "lastms" field is always zero.  I had expected 
this to show me the last qualify time in milliseconds for each peer.

Am I just totally misinterpreting what "lastms" means in the table, or do I 
need to do something else to get this value to reflect what Asterisk itself 
will tell me?



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