[asterisk-users] STIR/SHAKEN

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Sun Mar 7 12:43:21 CST 2021

Alexander Perkins <alexanderhenryperkins at gmail.com> writes:

> They ended up creating an AGI script for us that handles everything.  At
> the end of the day, all we needed to do was pull down the script, and add
> the exten => s,n,AGI(TILTX-SHAKEN.agi) command and it handles
> everything else.

I wonder if you could step back and explain the big picture, as I'm not
really following this.   As I understand it:

  usually asterisk is used as a pbx

  STIR/SHAKEN is a protocol run between carriers to prove the authority
  to use the claimed callerid

  when someone gets service from a carrier and connects to it from
  asterisk, I would expect the carrier to basically filter the claimed
  callerid to be from the set of values recorded with your account as
  legit, and for the carrier to do the STIR/SHAKEN authentication.

So I wonder if your asterisk instance is connecting to the PSTN as a
top-level carrier, or, more likely, I am confused in some way.
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