[asterisk-users] Combine audio and video from two different sources

Ryan Press ryan+list at presslab.us
Wed Jun 30 09:10:10 CDT 2021

I'm trying to combine audio and video from two different sources.  The
application is a door intercom system with a separate RTSP video camera.
I'd like the door intercom to be able to call an extension and that
receiving extension will show the video and have two-way audio.  Also it
would be nice to be able to call the door intercom as the answering device
and show the video as well.

I have this working when the door intercom is the answering device.  I've
found some source code which bridges an RTSP stream to an Asterisk
channel.  Using this I have a working solution with this dialplan:

[from-internal-custom] ; Doorbell video bridge
exten => doorbell_rtsp,1,Answer() same => n,RTSP-SIP(rtsp://
admin:12345 at,0,asterisk,5060)
; Doorbell combined video/audio incoming
exten => 762,1,Answer() same =>
n,Page(PJSIP/805&Local/doorbell_rtsp at from-internal-custom,qd)

The problem comes when I try to get the door intercom to call an
extension.  Because the calling device (door intercom) does not include
video, the video capability is not added to the ConfBridge and therefore
when I bridge in the RTSP-SIP channel it does not connect.  When I tried to
use Originate it had the same problem, no video codec was offered.

Is there some way I can create a ConfBridge and force a video codec?  Or
use Originate with a video codec?

I see that Asterisk has included Streams for a while now.  Maybe this is
the best way forward but I'm not sure this is something I can easily
configure without writing a bunch of new code.

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