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Daniel Van Den Berg daniel at suretel.co.za
Fri Jul 23 01:46:22 CDT 2021

Hi there, 

I can confirm that this is indeed the problem. 

If you follow the advise below you will be sorted. 

⁣From my mobile phone​

On 23 Jul 2021, 8:44 am, at 8:44 am, Jean Aunis <jean.aunis at prescom.fr> wrote:
>Le 22/07/2021 à 18:32, Carlos Chavez a écrit :
>>     I started noticing a few days ago that whenever I dial any number
>> or extension there is a delay of 5 to 10 seconds before Asterisk 
>> reacts.  I see nothing on the CLI for that time and then the call
>> through.  I have checked my network to make sure there is nothing 
>> slowing down packets between the phones and the server.
>>     Any settings I should check on the Asterisk side?  This is 
>> happening with all phones (several brands).
>I've seen this problem several times when there is no DNS resolution of
>Asterisk's hostname.
>Try to add your hostname to /etc/hosts and check if it's better.
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