[asterisk-users] AGI Script Returning 4

Michal Rybarik michal at rybarik.sk
Sat Jan 30 13:30:14 CST 2021

Dňa 30. 1. 2021 o 20:18 Alexander Perkins napísal(a):
> HI All.  I have a really strange issue that I'm two months into
> troubleshooting; however, I cannot figure it out.  I have an AGI
> Script (PHP) that runs every time a call comes into my Asterisk box. 
> Most of the time, it runs without any issue.  However, every now and
> then, the PHP-AGI script fails after it is executed and simply returns
> 'returning 4'.  I verify the PHP script begins to run.  However, it
> appears to just stop.  I have placed try/catch statements everywhere,
> but it does not seem to hit them.  
> Just to verify, this is the same script running over and over with the
> same parameter.  
> Any ideas/suggestions as of what can be happening?

I think this can happen by hanging up the call by one party, when SIGHUP
is sent to AGI script. PHP will exit on SIGHUP. It can be resolved by
initializing signal handler in PHP script (pcntl_signal) for SIGHUP and
doing nothing in it (return).

Michal Rybarik

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