[asterisk-users] AGI Script Returning 4

Alexander Perkins alexanderhenryperkins at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 13:18:48 CST 2021

HI All.  I have a really strange issue that I'm two months into
troubleshooting; however, I cannot figure it out.  I have an AGI Script
(PHP) that runs every time a call comes into my Asterisk box.  Most of the
time, it runs without any issue.  However, every now and then, the PHP-AGI
script fails after it is executed and simply returns 'returning 4'.  I
verify the PHP script begins to run.  However, it appears to just stop.  I
have placed try/catch statements everywhere, but it does not seem to hit

Just to verify, this is the same script running over and over with the same

Any ideas/suggestions as of what can be happening?

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