[asterisk-users] Disable Session Progress in PJSIP

Torbjörn Abrahamsson torbjorn.abrahamsson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 07:48:42 CST 2021



I was wondering what (if there is any) the equivalent of
progressinband=never for chan_sip is when using chan_pjsip? What I want is
to always send 180 Ringing to the caller, even if a 183 Session Progress was
received from the called party. 


If I set inband_progress = no in pjsip.conf, Asterisk will still send a
Session Progress to the caller, which if I remember correctly corresponds to
setting progressinband=no i sip.conf.


Is there a way to accomplish this? And if not, why was this left out?


Thanks in advance!


Best regards,


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