[asterisk-users] Digium or Sangoma? What happened to Digium cards

thelma at sys-concept.com thelma at sys-concept.com
Wed Jan 13 11:28:20 CST 2021

I'm disappointed with Sangoma!

I have one of those Digium S101i (iaxy) adapters that is still working (in production), doesn't need any drivers.

After, I purchased Sangoma USBfxo (U100) adapter, never had a chance to use it (still brand new in a box) that require some extra driver to run it, driver that is no longer available.  And the U100 is obsolete.
So my advise stay away from Sangoma

On 1/12/21 4:17 PM, John Kiniston wrote:
> Sangoma purchased Digium.
> You can find Sangoma cards at https://www.sangoma.com/telephony-cards/
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 2:29 PM bilal ghayyad <bilmar_gh at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hello All;
>> We were using Digium cards, now I am not able to reach for digium website
>> that contains the telephony cards and Asterisk website currently is taking
>> us for Sangoma, so what happened in Digium cards?
>> Regards
>> Bilal
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