[asterisk-users] Change by Deutsche Telekom end of februar. Can someone help me?

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Tue Feb 16 13:33:41 CST 2021

Am 16.02.2021 um 19:56 schrieb Michael Maier:

Hi Michael,

>> Do I use pjsip?
> pjsip show registrations

gw*CLI> pjsip show registrations
No objects found.

So I don't use pjsip... :(
Maybe could you send me an abstract of your configuration?

>> You mean, I have to create a "fake" Zone tel.t-online.de in my Bind with
>> these settings? Looks like dangerous, if they changes something...
> If you do that statically -> yes, you're right. You have to do it
> dynamically. I attached a script, which can be used to dynamically build
> a rpz each 15 minutes e.g. It directly asks the telekom nameserver for
> naptr and srv entries. It looks like this:
> server
> zone rpz-tonline
> update delete tel.t-online.de.rpz-tonline.
> update delete _sips._tcp.tel.t-online.de.rpz-tonline.
> update delete _sip._tcp.tel.t-online.de.rpz-tonline.
> update add tel.t-online.de.rpz-tonline. 60      NAPTR   10 0 "s"
> "SIPS+D2T" "" _sips._tcp.tel.t-online.de.
> update add tel.t-online.de.rpz-tonline. 60      NAPTR   30 0 "s"
> "SIP+D2T" "" _sip._tcp.tel.t-online.de.
> update add _sips._tcp.tel.t-online.de.rpz-tonline.      60 SRV  10 0
> 5061 s-eps-110.edns.t-ipnet.de.
> update add _sip._tcp.tel.t-online.de.rpz-tonline.       60 SRV  10 0
> 5060 s-epp-110.edns.t-ipnet.de.
> send

So if I undestand what you mean, you check the NAPTR and SRV für
_sips._tcp.tel.t-online.de and save the record in a "virtual domain"
rpz-tonline, is it correct?
Then I suppose you use this domain instead of tel.t-online.de in the SIP
configuratione as "host", "outboundproxy" and "fromdomain", is it correct?

> The script unregisters and registers the telekom trunks, if a change is
> detected. This is done as long as there is no call active. This works
> for me - but may not wort for others - feel free to change the code.

OK, I'll check it...

> Independently you have to add your own trunk names to get it working
> (telekomPJSIP-a, ...).

Could you explain me that? I'm not an expert of Asterisk... :(

Thanks a lot!
Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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