[asterisk-users] Possible solution (was: Re: PJSIP keepalive only while calls are present)

Kingsley Tart kingsley at dns99.co.uk
Tue Dec 21 10:11:20 CST 2021


It's not the perfect solution but I have found that the AMI has a
PJSIPNotify command which I could periodically call on the relevant
channels. This ought to be enough to keep firewalls open.

My AGI daemon already has a section that periodically runs background
tasks so I can get this to call the AMI to do this every few minutes as

Thank you for your help though - the SIP timers will be useful
practically everywhere else.

Of course, if there's a solution to do this natively within Asterisk or
PJSIP without having to have an external process poke it on a regular
basis then that would be better, but in the absence of that, this is


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