[asterisk-users] PJSIP keepalive only while calls are present

Kingsley Tart kingsley at dns99.co.uk
Tue Dec 21 07:37:55 CST 2021


I see I can set qualify_frequency (for UDP) on an AOR to keep open
holes through firewalls etc, and in [global] I can set
keep_alive_interval for TCP based transports.

However, is it possible to configure it so that these OPTIONS
keepalives only get sent while there's an active call to that endpoint?

The reason for this is that we have hundreds of potential endpoints
depending on where customers define their call routing, but most of the
time these endpoints won't have any calls on them so we don't want to
send thousands of OPTIONS messages all about when there's no need.

We definitely do need to do some sort of keepalive, because after some
time, remote endpoints send messages back and they get blocked by the
firewall if enough time has passed.

Is there a way to define some sort of keepalive in the Dial string or
some other dynamic way of doing it?


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