[asterisk-users] Opus Codec - real world adoption

marek cervajs64 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 09:55:43 CST 2021


today i made some tests with Opus codec (webrtc app, asterisk + pjsip + wss)

Some questions arose.

Sangoma questions

- Can Sangoma publish usage data from codec_opus anonymous statistic?

- Any plans port codec_sangoma to Opus 1.3? current is 1.2 based on 

- Any plans to open source code and integrate to Asterisk as other codecs?

Public questions

- Any experience with wide usage of Opus for endpoints transcoded to 
alaw/ulaw for SIP trunk to telco provider? (i.e CPU  increase percentage 
compared to only alaw scenario)

- Any experience with "better" audio on slow/problematic internet 

- Any experience with call recordings on endpoint side(pbx user) and 
speech to text transcription? (compared to calls in alaw/ulaw)

Thank you

Have a nice weekend

Marek Cervenka

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