[asterisk-users] PJSIP to Twilio over TLS - wildcard cert problem

Andreas Wehrmann a.wehrmann at yandex.com
Thu Dec 2 01:52:11 CST 2021

On 02.12.21 01:21, Kingsley Tart wrote:
> No I haven't, but if I did I suspect they would take no notice. Twilio
> is a big provider who do what they do because they can.
> And I can see why they do this, because customers can set up their own
> SIP trunks on their system with their unique hostname, so it makes
> sense for them to have a wildcard cert, whether in violation of the RFC
> or not.

Hey there,

I wanted to chime in on this because I encountered this exact problem in 
my own app.
Deutsche Telekom in Germany also uses wildcard certificates.
I proposed a patch for PJ, but it got rejected, see the PR here:


And my patch here:

"Advise your SIP provider" - haha, I had a good laugh...

All the best,

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