[asterisk-users] Some calls drop after 30 seconds

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomab.mx
Tue Sep 8 10:45:26 CDT 2020

On 08/09/20 4:16, Joshua C. Colp wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 7, 2020 at 9:35 PM Carlos Chavez <cursor at telecomab.mx 
> <mailto:cursor at telecomab.mx>> wrote:
>          Some users have complained that their calls drop after about 30
>     seconds.  Not all, just some.  After looking at the log files the
>     only
>     difference I can find from the dropped calls is the following line:
>     [2020-09-07 11:29:59] VERBOSE[21666][C-00000055] bridge.c: Bridge
>     14410400-5e04-4358-af0c-45fd71f6f5cd: switching from simple_bridge
>     technology to native_rtp
>          Most calls just do:
>     [2020-09-07 18:13:56] VERBOSE[15293][C-00000084] bridge_channel.c:
>     Channel PJSIP/1028-0000012a joined 'simple_bridge' basic-bridge
>     <626258fc-0649-45c7-b0d3-630a06d2c91b>
>          Why are some calls using the simple bridge and others switch
>     to the
>     native_rtp bridge?  Could this be a codec problem?  How can I prevent
>     the switch?
> It depends on the channels involved as well as the features in use. To 
> prevent direct media from occurring you can set the "direct_media" 
> option to "no" on the endpoint. The native_rtp bridge can still be 
> used, though, to provide more efficient in-Asterisk forwarding of media.
> If that doesn't change things you'd need to examine further, such as 
> looking at the SIP trace for a call (pjsip set logger on) as 30 
> seconds is close to the amount of time for a lost ACK to a 200 OK, 
> which generally indicates a NAT issue.
     Direct media is off for all endpoints (both trunks and phones).  
There is no NAT on either side, the phones are on the local network and 
the trunk provider has a direct link and the pbx has a dedicated 
ethernet port for it.  We have two trunk providers and I only see the 
native rtp bridge used on one of them.  I will do a packet capture on 
the trunk interface to see if something else strange happens.

     Thank you.

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