[asterisk-users] Some calls drop after 30 seconds

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomab.mx
Mon Sep 7 19:35:09 CDT 2020

     Some users have complained that their calls drop after about 30 
seconds.  Not all, just some.  After looking at the log files the only 
difference I can find from the dropped calls is the following line:

[2020-09-07 11:29:59] VERBOSE[21666][C-00000055] bridge.c: Bridge 
14410400-5e04-4358-af0c-45fd71f6f5cd: switching from simple_bridge 
technology to native_rtp

     Most calls just do:

[2020-09-07 18:13:56] VERBOSE[15293][C-00000084] bridge_channel.c: 
Channel PJSIP/1028-0000012a joined 'simple_bridge' basic-bridge 

     Why are some calls using the simple bridge and others switch to the 
native_rtp bridge?  Could this be a codec problem?  How can I prevent 
the switch?

Telecomunicaciones Abiertas de México S.A. de C.V.
Carlos Chávez
+52 (55)8116-9161

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