[asterisk-users] Suden "ast_db_put: Couldn't execute statment" in 13.14.1 after high rate of incoming REGISTERs

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 03:01:06 CDT 2020


The other day, a 13.14.1 server suddenly stopped working correctly.
First, it printed:
Oct 23 21:53:40 FOOBAR asterisk[2377]: WARNING[27942]: db.c:332 in
ast_db_put: Couldn't execute statment: SQL logic error or missing database

This occurred while this server received a lot incoming REGISTER such as:
Oct 23 21:53:40 FOOBAR asterisk[2377]: [Oct 23 21:53:40]
#033[1;37mlog_failed_request#033[0m: Request 'REGISTER' from '<
sip:johndoe at>' failed for '' (callid:
OA48732DD2johndoe42259F1C) - Failed to authenticate

I estimate incoming (invalid) REGISTER rate to be 120 per second, (which is
by the way, well above the upper limit we load tested our system before
putting it online).

What would you suggest me to do ?

Best regards
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