[asterisk-users] Recommandation for PJSIP trunking when two WAN access are available

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 01:35:03 CDT 2020


In project, a customer has two WAN access. More precisely:

Internet ----- <ISP1> --- Router1 ----<LAN1>--- FortiGate Firewall Router
------<LAN> ---- Asterisk

|                                                                          |
     -------------<ISP2> --- Router2 ----<LAN2>------------------

Both WAN access offer Gigabit-like performance and each is able to
transport appropriately both Data and VoIP traffic.
I'm not directly managing the FortiGate but I suppose it has some tools to
monitor each WAN link and route accordingly.

My ITSP requires REGISTER so that if I ever has to switch from one route to
another, I should re-send a new REGISTER to get incoming call back in (but
I think can still send outbound call using a second route without needing
e-Registration first)

1. How would you make use of both access to increase uptime ?
2. What is the most efficient way to monitor route states ?

Best regards
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