[asterisk-users] linphone calls not missed due to cause not 487

Michael Maier m1278468 at mailbox.org
Fri Oct 16 02:11:41 CDT 2020

Hi Sergio

On 16.10.20 at 07:54 sergio wrote:

> Sometimes, linphone shows missed calls as missed. Look like asterisk

> replies with cause=487 that time, but I can't understand why.


> Grandstream always shows calls as missed ones.


> How should I investigate this?

You could try to reproduce it while activating pcap traces and analyze
it afterwards - or you could enable pcap traces on asterisk[1] itself
and just wait for the different issues and compare them.



[1] activating pcap traces on asterisk / pjsip

pjsip set logger on

pjsip set logger verbose off

pjsip set logger pcap trace.pcap

You can find the trace.pcap in /var/lib/asterisk/trace.pcap (maybe it's
elsewhere on your installation)

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