[asterisk-users] BLF support in Asterisk and early/confirmed/terminated/proceeding NOTIFY states.

Michael Keuter lists at mksolutions.info
Sat Oct 3 03:42:46 CDT 2020

> Am 03.10.2020 um 03:26 schrieb Jobst Schmalenbach <jobst at barrett.com.au>:
> I have a setup with Yealink phones & Asterisk Server (all latest patches).
> I am using BLF to display the states of other phones. While this works MOST of the time (busy, being called) it does NOT work when a phone is NOT regisstered at all, the yealink phones display a green dot EVEN if a phone is turned off (try explain this to users, they are shaking their heads!!!)
> I can see on the Asterisk server it shows correctly in the logs when a phone is disconnected.
> It also advises the otehr phones correctly when a phone is busy, even if a person starts dialing - the red dot shows up milliseconds later on ALL of the other phones.
> I have asked a question about this before Green Dot
> So I went and asked Yealink about this. The reply was something like this: “Currently the phone can only support the BLF LED display with early/confirmed/terminated/proceeding NOTIFY states.”
> My question now is can I implement this properly on an Asterisk server?
> I.e. when a phone gets disconnected that all other phones are advised “hey I am not available” and actually show a RED dot.
> thanks
> -- 

Hi Jobst,

there is a setting for the Yealink phones so that the BLF keys are "off" instead of "green" when idle:

BLF LED Mode = 1

in the provisioning files:

features.blf_led_mode = 1

Hope that helps.



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