[asterisk-users] PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS and Queues

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomab.mx
Fri Oct 2 13:57:44 CDT 2020

     Is there a solution to dial multiple contacts for a Queue agent?  
Since the pandemic started many of our customers have begun to move 
agents off site.  Since most of them were using softphones we did not 
have any problems but now we have one case where the agents have a desk 
phone in their cubicle and are using a softphone from home.  For regular 
calls there is no problem as PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS dials all the contacts 
for the extension, but Queues are only sending calls to a single (the 
first) contact so Queue calls are going unanswered.  For the moment we 
will power down the office phones but is there a solution for the Queue 
to ring both phones?

Telecomunicaciones Abiertas de México S.A. de C.V.
Carlos Chávez
+52 (55)8116-9161

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