[asterisk-users] Multiple IP addresses and using same IP for outbound calls as inbound

Alexey Kazantsev kurgan-rus at inbox.ru
Thu Nov 5 23:40:49 CST 2020

Hello David,
you may start 2 Asterisk instances on the same machine,
one bind to IP-address, the other to
Just configure the appropriate settings in each instance asterisk.conf —
you’ll have to set correct directories like astspooldir, agi-bin and so on.
And of course create them in your filesystem.
In this case you will achieve what you need even using chan_sip.
Then either start Asterisks manually, or create some custom scripts,
or edit/add Systemd settings to start each instance automatically and
be able to use all Systemd functionality, but this is beyound the scope of this thread.
BR, Alexey
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