[asterisk-users] Notification when on the phone

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Thu May 28 11:15:08 CDT 2020


I've had a request from my manager that I figure out how to get our Asterisk 13.x system using chan_sip to be able to display on the Polycom VVX series phone display (firmware 5.9.5), when an extension is called and the person on the other end is on the phone.

He said, "Our old Analog phone system could do it, how hard can it be?"

I've gone down the path of trying to use MessageSend, but for the life of me, cannot get the VVX 501 or VVX 601 phones to enable Instant messaging, Enabling the feature with feature.instantMessaging.enabled="1" seems to do nothing.

Further investigation shows that I can send messages to the phones using curl after enabling Push messaging.  This works easy enough, but figured I'd ask others if they are doing something similar and maybe I can avoid re-inventing the wheel.

All comments are welcome!


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