[asterisk-users] Stir-Shaken for asterisk

Saint Michael venefax at gmail.com
Wed May 27 22:51:18 CDT 2020

In a few weeks, no SIP call is going to terminate unless they are signed
properly, as mandated by law.  We are in the business of Stir-Shaken,
signing calls, as an FCC-approved provider. A big differentiator between
our service and the rest: we are the only ones who don't need to receive
the calls in our servers to sign them. We do this over a MySQL call,
easily connectable to Asterisk via res_odbc, so you never have to send us
your calls. This is a sample of how we do this so you may test now:
mysql -u anonymous -h -e "call
If your caller-ID is a valid US number and not a wireless number (that is a
NO-NO for the FCC), we sign the call as 'C', if you use your own DIDs,
something we can verify as legit, then we sign as 'B', and if you use our
DID as caller ID, we sign as 'A', full attestation.
Please email to venefax at g mail if you have any questions. Do not think
you can do business as usual. The wild west of VOIP is coming to an end.
But we can keep you in business if you follow the rules.
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