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marek cervajs64 at gmail.com
Tue May 12 07:07:28 CDT 2020

patches welcome Philip

Asterisk is Open Source so everyone can help


Dne 12/05/2020 v 07:02 Saint Michael napsal(a):
>     Asterisk needs urgently to push the RTP engine to the Kernel, away
>     from userland, like professional and commercial softwares do. I
>     measured the cost of passing call from a public IP to a private
>     IP, like typically a Session Border Controller may do. In
>     Asterisk, ulaw, no transcoding, it takes 1.7% of a 3 Ghz core. If
>     the packets where flowing through the kernel, like iptables does,
>     it would take 10% if the CPU. Asterisk then could be used in
>     hundreds of different roles in the enterprise.  PJSIP has no
>     importance at all, this is the big issue. I suggest the developers
>     look at an open-source package and adapt the code, is called
>     rtpengine. It uses a kernel module to do the job.
> Philip
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