[asterisk-users] Asterisk versions?

Ben Ford bford at digium.com
Mon May 11 17:20:02 CDT 2020

Hey Dave,

In the case of 13 and 16, these are LTS versions which means that they get
long term service. 17 is a standard release. The benefit of an LTS is that
you can expect it to get bug fixes and improvements for an extended period
of time without anything major being changed. If you find an LTS version
that has everything you need, it's probably the safest version to choose.
Any noteworthy changes between releases in a version (16.8 to 16.9, for
example) will be documented in the CHANGES and UPGRADE.txt files. If you're
worried about configuration changes or syntax, this is the place to look.

 Of course, as a developer I love to see people on the most up to date
version, but it's all user preference :)

I would recommend checking out the wiki for more details on the version you
are looking at.

On Mon, May 11, 2020, 5:04 PM Dave Woodfall <dave at tty1.uk> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm a fairly long time user of Asterisk, but I'm new to this list.  I
> used to use the old forums some few years ago.
> I wanted to ask why there are different Asterisk versions, as shown
> by the announcements in the past week or 2:
> Asterisk 13.33.0
> Asterisk 16.10.0
> Asterisk 17.4.0
> I'm currently using 16.8.0 and wondering if I should upgrade to
> 16.10.0, or perhaps give 17.4.0 a try.
> Are there any differences I should be aware of, like config file
> syntax or similar things?
> Thanks,
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> Dave
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