[asterisk-users] Changing ssrc

Erol Toker erol at truly.co
Fri May 8 06:57:34 CDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

We're routing calls through Asterisk (dialing in via sip and then dialing
out via SIP).

 We've noticed a curious behavior in chan_sip that doesn't persist with
chan_pjsip. When examining the packet capture, we're seeing the SSRC
changing constantly on the call.  At first it happens over a variable
interval (15s 6s etc) but eventually it ends up changing exactly every
1000ms.  Every time the SSRC changes, it causes a very minor but
noticeable gap in audio.

The fact that it's changing on this exact interval makes me think there is
an explicit setting somewhere, or it's intentional behavior in the code.
We do NOT see this behavior with chan_pjsip, all other things being equal.

Does anyone know what might be driving this difference in behavior, and
what we can do about it?  We're on Ast 13 (same behavior on our current
version, and when we upgrade to latest)

Thank you!
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