[asterisk-users] Length of dial string

Paddy Grice paddy at wizaner.com
Fri May 1 02:22:09 CDT 2020

Hi all
as per the new release notice for 13.33.0 received today - can anyone advise
me the max limit of the string to the Dial Command - see 
*	[ASTERISK-27946
<BLOCKED::https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-27946> ] - 
		dial (API): Storage of dialed target uses AST_MAX_EXTENSION
when it shouldn't

I have been fighting with this issue for months trying to find a solution I
need to call 20+ devices at the same time so dial strings are very long I
cant really use a queue(ringall) which was my original idea as the customer
needs different groups for virtually every call some of which are simple sip
devices and others have to be local devices (Internal and External CLIs). 

Paddy Grice


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