[asterisk-users] E-Mail notification for each received call

Kai Herlemann asterisk at linux.kai-herlemann.de
Thu Mar 26 15:50:24 CDT 2020

Hi everybody,

we use Asterisk to route all calls to a inbound phone number to a
specific outbund mobile phone number, depending on time and date. I'd
like to send a notification email to a specific email address, each time
we receive a call. For this I used the tip of "dicko" here
[1]. I'm a Asterisk newbie.
Unfortunately it doesn't work. The System() command is not executed.
I've tried to execute the a simple bash script for testing purposes
(write a test string with > into a file, it's attached) - even that
doesn't work. Even if I try it with System(/bin/bash <testfile>), it
makes no difference.
My test bash script and extension_custom.conf file is attached.
This advice, which is is related to the first one, didn't help, too. [2]

Our system is the most current FreePBX Distro release, Asterisk 16.9.0
and DAHDI. (We can't use VoIP, the communications department uses a
proprietary protocol.)
Also "core set debug"/"core set verbose" didn't help.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,


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cd ~asterisk
echo test > /home/asterisk/test
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exten => s,1,DumpChan()
exten => s,n,System(/home/asterisk/bash_test)
exten => s,n,MacroExit()

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