[asterisk-users] Asterisk 17.3: No VoiceMailMain when enabling IMAP and ODBC

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 09:11:47 CDT 2020


On a Debian Buster instance, I compiled Asterisk 17.3.0 from source.

I enables all 3 File, IMAP and ODBC voicemail modules but I'm still using
classical File module (in modules;conf and voicemail.conf):
cd asterisk-17.3.0
make menuselect.makeopts
menuselect/menuselect  --enable app_voicemail_imap menuselect.makeopts; done
menuselect/menuselect  --enable app_voicemail_odbc menuselect.makeopts; done

I've got this:

CLI> core show application VoiceMailMain
Your application(s) is (are) not registered
Command 'core show application VoiceMailMain' failed.

CLI> module reload app_voicemail.so
Module 'app_voicemail.so' reloaded successfully.
    -- Reloading module 'app_voicemail.so' (Comedian Mail (Voicemail

CLI> module show like app_voicemail.so
Module                         Description                              Use
Count  Status      Support Level
app_voicemail.so               Comedian Mail (Voicemail System)         0
       Running              core
1 modules loaded

Then I re-compiled from source removing both app_voicemail_imap and
app_voicemail_odbc menuselect options and I could successfully get :

CLI> core show application VoiceMailMain

  -= Info about application 'VoiceMailMain' =-

What are the necessary steps to have app_voicemail, app_voicemail_imap and
app_voicemail_odbc available along with VoiceMailMain when still using
app_voicemail as preferred Voicemail module ?

Best regards
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