[asterisk-users] Voice broken during calls (again...)

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Tue Jun 23 08:28:28 CDT 2020

Am 23.06.2020 15:15, schrieb Jeff LaCoursiere:

Hi Jeff,

>> I have problem calling someone outside my networks and I have
>> problem if the peers are in different networks...
> I may have missed this originally - are you saying you have trouble
> when internal phones call each other, if they are on different VLAN's?
>  That's a pretty big deal.

There were the results of my yesterday's tests...
If both mobile phones using SIP via LTE or both phones are in the same 
VLAN, the quality is excellent, otherwise it's bad to very bad...

But the very problem is, that all other communication between the VLANs 
don't have any problem?!?
I can transfer GB and don't have any issue...

I'm really confused...

> I didn't see my post with the graphs of inter-packet latency make it
> to the list (moderator?), I think the images were too large.  Recall
> that clearly showed half of the packets coming inbound from DT were
> *missing*, which confirms your audio experience.  I don't think that
> fact has been addressed properly - it is the only smoking gun you have
> so far.  If that is also happening inter-VLAN, something is seriously
> wrong on the Pi.

Well, probabilly not on the PI, since, as I sayd, communication with 
both peers in the same interface work correct, but maybe my firewall 

> If you can reproduce this can you send me a few more packet traces,
> from each of the VLAN interfaces involved?

Of course, I can do that!
Maybe I get it this evening.

Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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