[asterisk-users] Voice broken during calls (again...)

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Tue Jun 23 01:05:16 CDT 2020

Am 23.06.2020 07:27, schrieb Luca Bertoncello:

I again

>> Do not change MTU. Probably there will be another problem. I expect
>> packet size 1466 would pass and higher will have the same result. It

I checked it, and I see, that the maximum I can use is a paket size of 
1464 with all hosts via IPv4.
Via IPv6 I can use higher MTU, but I really can't explain why...

Can someone explain me what does it mean, if this is a problem for VoIP 
and how I can solve it?

Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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